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The security industry’s leading recruitment agency – whatever your security needs RedBlue has built a reliable network of skilled individuals that can meet your needs.

Long Story Short

RedBlue was born from the roots of hacker culture and birthed in a back-channel chat room. The brainchild of Marcelo Mansur, RedBlue vaulted from helping friends and members of the security community land their dream jobs to a young and flourishing business.

Originating in London, UK, RedBlue has expanded to include offices in Austin, TX and Capetown, ZA. We’ve grown to provide our services to a selection of the most respected cybersecurity companies and some of the largest DoD contractors.

Through the rapid growth RedBlue values staying true to our roots and remaining part of the community. Find us geared up in hoodies at the next con or lurking somewhere in a discourse channel (#redblue). Or we’ll find you…

Our Team

We combine the expertise of former hackers, military contractors, spooks, and other shady characters - by joining forces we've pooled our unique skill-sets to provide the best service the industry can offer.

Marcelo Mansur

Marcelo Mansur


London native, serial entrepreneur, and aspiring sleight of hand artist, Marcelo has been a guest speaker at DEF CON 24 & 25, among numerous other hacker gatherings. He founded RedBlue purely from a love for the infosec community and all things hacker related.                                                           




Former British Airborne and global physical security consultant. Currently leading RedBlue in Capetown and responsible for corporate vision and business developement, Charlie spends the majority of his time navigating infosec abbreviations one suspect PDF at a time.                                      




Shrouded in mystery and surrounded by infamy, RedBlue's headhunters span a variety of backgrounds. They can be found jumping out of planes, sampling a local IPA, or sifting the dark web for people like you. Maybe you've already met one somewhere on a forum board or at a Dual Core show.

Our Services

The security community has a desperate need for the type of talent that doesn’t like to be found. That where we come in – we know where they’re found.

Cybersecurity Recruitment

Recognized as the leading cyber security recruitment firm, RedBlue Security specializes in finding the top talent in the industry.

Technical Consulting

Offering an array of custom security services, RedBlue Security will provide a tailored approach and solution for your unique problem. For inquiries regarding technical consulting, contact us directly.

Zero-day Development

RedBlue Security is excited to publicy announce its zero-day developement and aquisition program. Contact us for high-risk, fully functional exploits and vulnerabilities – we pay the highest on the market.

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